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Dear Roleplayer.me

I wrote this on Roleplayer.me and I thought I would share it here with other roleplayers, whether they’re familiar with the site or not.


Dear Roleplayer.me,

My respect for you has gone WAY down for as long as I can remember.  Particularly since you announced that you’re deleting/deactivating inactive RP accounts after the roleplayer hasn’t been online for more than a month.  I’m sorry but it’s very rude and disrespectful of you to do such a thing.  Don’t you realize that people like us have a life outside of RP and not spend the entire day sitting on our asses, trying to think of an epic storyline to write with another roleplayer?

Also, what the fuck is up with the “No shirtless photo" idea?  Are you trying to tell us that your website is not a porn site and that we should not allow erotic roleplayers to come here and roleplay sex with other roleplayers?  First of all, I don’t even consider your site as a porn site, let alone the fact that there have been erotic roleplayers coming here from time to time and you delete some or almost all of their profiles because of your strict, bullshitty rules.  Yes, people watch porn nowadays because they’re either curious or they’re horny as fuck and yes, they masturbate while roleplaying a storyline with another roleplayer, whether the character is in the erotic genre or not.  But seriously, mind your own fucking business and stop pissing people off with your bullshit.

Going back to the deleted/deactivated profile problem, my character’s fiance’s profile was deleted/deactivated almost a month ago.  By who?  YOU!  Yes, you and not only that, but my character’s adoptive brother’s profile too.  Both profiles were formerly run by someone I’ve been roleplaying with since 2008.  Now I’m getting the feeling that you’ll delete/deactivate another one of my friends’ profile(s) and once you do that, he/she won’t be happy.  AT ALL!

As much as I want to rant a little more, I think this is enough for now but I will conclude this message by saying this: FUCK YOU!

Have a nice day.

Your once loved, now hated fan,
The writer behind Lucy Dennison, Katherine Wetherly and Angelina “Angie” Angel

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Michael Jackson is so important.

As a proud Michael Jackson fan since 2000, I’m beyond happy and excited for his new album to come out and I’m really looking forward to hearing every song of it.  I’ve heard some of the songs before in the past but what difference does it make?  It’s Michael Joseph Jackson’s music I’m talking about here and honestly, the remastered version of the songs don’t bother me at all.  I think the producers were making them more current and modernized rather than leaving it the way it was made way back when and I’m glad they’re going to release both the standard and deluxe editions.  Most artists release their albums like that nowadays and I think it’s awesome.  I’m most definitely going to get the deluxe version of the album, that way I can listen to both the remastered and original version of the songs so I would know the difference between them as far as the mixing and the vocals go.

As a lot of you know, Michael Jackson was a perfectionist.  He wanted everything done in his own way.  He wanted his songs to sound amazing, a dance move to be straight to the point, his songwriting to inspire people and himself and most of all, he wanted to be the kind of legend millions of people in this generation and many more to come will remember him for.  And that’s exactly what he was and still is to this day.  He was, is and always will be the greatest entertainer that ever lived and the irreplaceable King of Pop.

I love you, MJ and I miss you.  I hope you’re happy and proud and I’m looking up at you right now to show you how I’m feeling in this very moment.  R.I.P.